A Fancy Dress Up Party In Sex Criminals #21

A lot has changed since the breakup of Jon and Suzie, but find out what in Sex Criminals #21.

First and foremost Jon grew a beard.  Jon has been spent a lot of time in the local adult store and looks like he even works there.  He lives with and has a relationship with his co-worker, Polly.

Suzie now works at a museum.  She is dating her boss, Geoff Queen.  After the breakup she moved in with her mom.

They are both miserable.  Suzie is especially vocal with how unhappy she is, but she is denying it to herself.  She talks about how boring Geoff is and deep down misses the excitement of working with Jon to take down Kegelface.  

It seems like Geoff and Polly just fill a void and are not anything which will last.  Jon is invited to a fancy dress party by Polly, but he misunderstands and thinks it is a fancy dress-up party.  

He shaves his beard and just leaves a thick mustache to complete his costume.  Jon is dressed up like Freddie Mercury. However, Polly tells him not to feel too bad because he is not the only person to misunderstand.

The other person who dressed up is Suzie, but to make things even worse her costume is the exact same as Jon’s and both are Freddie Mercury.  Jon and Suzie try to act like this is not an incredibly awkward encounter.  This chance meeting gives them both an opportunity to evaluate their lives.

This issue is precisely why this comic is so beloved.  This universe is absolutely ridiculous, but there is a very relatable and down to earth love story in the middle.  The pair are destined to be together or so it seems.  They have this bond of this special power which very few people have.  However, we have seen that the power works different for different people, but theirs are the same.

The series has explored their relationship from beginning to wherever this is in the relationship.  I feel like I know them and I care for them.  They are perfect for each other and I want these two crazy kids to make their relationship last.

This comic also contains a lot of humor.  Suzie’s mother is a women’s empowerment instructor or something like that perhaps.  Since Suzie moved in with her mom they see a lot of each other.  At one point Suzie walks downstairs to see four older women with mirrors between their legs “exploring their deltas of Venus” as her mom put it.  I laughed a solid five minutes after seeing this panel.

For a while now Kegelface has been a central story point for the series.  In this issue she takes a backseat to focus on the Jon and Suzie relationship.  I don’t mind this at all because I have always found the relationship stuff more interesting.

This issue puts the series back on track.  It has the humor and the heart which lead me to fall in love with this series.  Sex Criminals #21 is a must read.  I loved the issue from beginning to end.






Written by: Matt Fraction

Art by: Chip Zdarsky

Cover by: Chip Zdarsky

Release: 1/24/2017

Issue: 21

Publisher: Image Comics

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