EXCLUSIVE: The Kalanorians Are Coming To SUPERGIRL

We can confirm that Kalanorians are coming to Supergirl!

The newest exclusive character breakdown acquired by THS reveals that Supergirl will go up against at least one formidable adversary from the planet Kalanor.

[FINHEAD] Ferocious, terrifying and aggressive, this gigantic Kalanorian woman with a Mohawk faces Supergirl in a violent battle…STUNT ACTORS, FIGHT TRAINING/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

The citizens of the planet Kalanor are usually illustrated in the comics as humanoid beings with red or purple skin, pointy ears, and a webbed fin-like mohawk. The above brief character description gives very little indication if the look of this mysterious Kalanorian woman will closely follow the alien appearance we’ve seen in comics or if the television series will opt for a more human look that will merely take inspiration from the source material. The name “Finhead” doesn’t give us any more clues either, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a single significant female Kalanorian character in the DC Comics canon. However, since stunt and fight training are requirements for this role, Finhead is guaranteed to be a challenge for our Kryptonian hero.

This does lead us to wonder if this signals the arrival of more Kalanorians, especially that of Despero, the tyrannical ruler of Kalanor and longtime adversary of the Justice League.

A powerful foe, Despero has the psychic powers of telekinesis and telepathy due to his being born with a third eye. This extra eye allows him to project mental blasts, fly, create force fields, cast illusions, control minds and read minds. If a possible future Supergirl appearance also has him empowered by the Flame of Py’tar, the mystical life force of the planet Kalanor, then that means he’ll also have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and the ability to regenerate.

Nothing of Despero or more of his fellow Kalanorians have been confirmed as of yet but it’s not that difficult to imagine that where there is one Kalanorian, there’s bound to be more.


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