EXCLUSIVE: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel Searching for a Femme Fatale

We recently confirmed that the 2019 sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming would begin production this spring with principal photography taking place in either Germany or the UK. Now we have an idea of why! We’ve learned from our source that Marvel Studios, under the supervision of longtime casting director Sarah Finn, are on the hunt for a European actress in her 20s to play what was described to us as a “femme fatale.”

Speculation about a European setting has made its way around the internet since two publicly available audition videos surfaced which featured two young, European actresses reading for the role of Gwen Stacy as reported by Omega Underground. While we cannot confirm that this role is Stacy (in fact, if it were it would represent a major reimagining of the character…not that Marvel Studios wouldn’t do that), we can confirm that Peter Parker will cross paths with a mysterious European young lady that will likely lead him into danger.

If you asked 100 Spidey comic fans to name the first femme fatale that came to mind, maybe 85 of them would say Felicia Hardy and though we don’t know WHO the character is, that’s the first name that came to mind. We know Hardy will be co-starring in Sony’s Silver and Black and that they are looking to cast an actress in her 20s in that role as well. That film begins production in early-March and wraps in mid-June, meaning it would be possible for the actress to play the role in both films, especially if, as recent rumors have suggested, the Sony films may be even more connected to the MCU films than we have been led to believe. Black Cat and Spidey have certainly had an interesting relationship in the comics, so this would be an excellent fit but we know that Marvel Studios is definitely NOT doing what we all expect in these new Spider-Man films.

If we’re talking about the potential of actresses from Silver and Black crossing over into the MCU, we’d be remiss not to think about the possibility of the femme fatale being Silver Sable instead of the Black Cat. While Spidey and Sable don’t have the same relationship as Spidey and the Black Cat, the comic book Sable is a better fit as a European, but again, Marvel Studios doesn’t seem to be too worried about following a strict protocol of making the characters just like their comic book counterparts.

While Black Cat and Silver Sable are nice choices, there is another potential femme fatale from the pages of the comics. While she certainly had a different relationship with Spidey than the other two women on our list, there’s no doubt that Jessica Drew could be described as a femme fatale. A born, Drew grew up in the fictional European country of Transia in the shadow of Mt. Wundagore. Drew acted as an agent of Hydra for some time before becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a key player in the Skrull Secret Invasion. A reimagined Drew could make for a very interesting character opposite Parker and be introduced into the MCU ahead of her rumored appearance in an all-female Sony film or a potential Marvel Studios Secret Invasion film.

Our final guess is a wild card and a bit of a shot in the dark. Watching Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was hard not to notice the significant influence of Brian Michael BendisUltimate Spider-Man. Given the blending of the 616 and 610 Spidey-verses, it’s possible that the femme fatale in question could be a version of Kate Bishop, who dated Miles Morales for a time in the Ultimate universe. To be honest, this choice seems the least likely to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility!

Of course there’s a distinct possibility that absolutely none of these characters will be the femme fatale and that Feige has gone in an entirely different direction here. With filming set to take place beginning in late-May, it could be some time before we hear anything official.

Stay tuned to THS for more news about new characters in the upcoming Spidey sequel!


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