EXCLUSIVE: New Casting Notice Could Indicate Solstice is Coming to TITANS

Titans is starting to feel like a very busy show. For months now, we’ve been bringing you casting breakdowns for the various characters that’ll appear on the first show for DC’s upcoming streaming service, and they’re still coming with no sign of slowing down. We’ve got another exclusive breakdown to reveal today, and if our guess is right it means that we can expect to see yet another superhero popping up on Titans, in addition to the main cast and previously reported supporting characters like Wonder Girl.

Here’s the breakdown:

[MONICA SAINI]Female, early 20s-early 30s, East Indian.  Has the mentality of a survivor and the scars along with it. Unsettled and a little unusual. Orphan. Limited dialogue in her first appearance.  Must be familiar with Hindi.  POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR.


That’s not a lot of detail to go on, but after some digging our best guess is that this breakdown most likely refers to the character Kiran Singh, aka Solstice (special thanks to our friends over at Titans Podcast for their help combing through the surprisingly deep bench of Indian characters in DC comics).

Solstice is a sometimes member of the Teen Titans who first appeared in 2010, created by writer J. T. Krul and artist Nicola Scott. The reason we think this breakdown is for her is because “Monica” is described as an orphan, and one of Solstice’s first storylines involved her parents disappearing.

Her powers are the ability to generate light energy, which she can use to create constructs or blast enemies. Her costume is made of light and she can summon it at will. DC’s New 52 relaunch altered her appearance; after the reboot, her abilities would turn her black and smoky, seen below. Obviously, we have no way of knowing how the show would depict Solstice’s abilities at this point, but it would probably be cheaper from a production standpoint not to do the black smoke version.


Other possibilities include classic Titans villain Jinx and Doom Patrol member Celsius, but we’re inclined to think it’s Solstice. Regardless of who the character is, though, what’s nice about this breakdown is that it’s another example of the diversity DC brings to it’s television shows. While the Big Two consistently struggle to incorporate diversity into their marquee comic titles, Greg Berlanti—as overseer of the majority of DC’s TV offerings—has made diversity a priority.

While Arrow started as pretty whitebread—Diggle notwithstanding—from The Flash on the DC shows have made a point of including all kinds of characters of different races and sexualities. Legends of Tomorrow recently made history as the first live-action comic property to include a Muslim superhero when it added Zari (Tala Ashe) to the cast, and now Titans could be poised to give us our first Indian hero.

Whoever “Monica” ends up being, Titans is shaping up to be a very exciting—and busy—show.  Now if we could just start getting some plot details in addition to all these casting breakdowns.

Titans will premiere later this year when DC launches its still-untiled streaming service.

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