Ewan McGregor Would Love To Play Obi-Wan Kenobi Again

After numerous nominations, Ewan McGregor finally won a Golden Globe for his performance in last years season of Fargo.

But while on the red carpet, McGregor was asked from a few reporters what the status was on the Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-alone film.

The actor said, “There’s a lot of talks, and I’d be happy to play him again, but I don’t know anything more than you do.”

Of course, McGregor hasn’t been shy about his interest in playing Obi-Wan again. When the actor was asked to reprise the role briefly for a line in The Force Awakens, fans went nuts about an Obi-Wan standalone film.

Just last year we asked him at a press junket what his thoughts were and he reiterated that he was indeed interested in reprising the role if asked to come back.

I for one would welcome Ewan back. He was the best thing about the second trilogy. And having him return would make rabid Star Wars fans insanely happy.

Could you imagine a film that takes place right after Episode 3? Where he’s on the run from the republic finally leading him to Tatooine to keep an eye on Luke. God, I can’t wait. I mean come on if they can make a film about a young Han Solo then they can make a Obi-Wan film.


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