DISNEY: Themed Parties For Adults!

If you’re like me, you LOVE a good nerdy theme party! A couple years ago, I was trying to put together a Harry Potter birthday party and all I could find were mostly children’s party go-tos. I’m sorry, I’m an adult who loves Harry Potter. I need adult ideas! Where are the party theme ideas for me? After scouring the internet for hours, I mostly found alcoholic beverages and some child theming ideas I put a twist on to make them more for adults. I put it out into the universe that someone needed to help out all the adults who love things deemed to be childish and my vibes were answered!

One of my favorite bloggers (who also loves Disney, Harry Potter, and all things food and party) has taken on the challenge of putting together a Disney themed party for adults once a month for ALL of 2018!

First up, she takes on Frozen! “A Norwegian menu served amongst a winter wonderland, because the bold never bothered me anyway”

What I love about The Rose Table’s Frozen Dinner Party is how stunning and elegant everything looks with subtle changes to the lighting; changing out light bulbs, adding a light up table runner, and eve a show light! (Seriously, I need that snow light for my living room!). The dinner itself has clean and simple plating and mouth watering food fit for an Ice Queen! And can’t forget that delicious looking Icy Blue Rock Candy Champagne! This party is sure to be a hit and you’ll definitely impress your friends!


Who ever said Disney isn’t for adults is sorely mistaken. I cannot wait to see what The Rose Table has in store for her next party: The Princess and The Frog.

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