Did Rian Johnson Just Reveal That Luke Will Come Back As A Force Ghost??

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No one was ready for the finale of The Last Jedi. Even I didn’t see it coming. Oh and a lot of fans hated it. In case you missed it, SPOILERS, Luke passed on peacefully to the FORCE after tricking Kylo Ren to fight him so Leia and the remaining rebels could escape.

If there’s anything you could take away from The Last Jedi, it was that crossing over to the FORCE will make you a stronger JEDI. Just look at Yoda, he came back and like nothing struck lightning down to destroy the Jedi tree. This was the first time we saw a force ghost actually do something, unlike in the past when they just stand there to give advice.

So will Luke Skywalker return as a Force Ghost in Episode IX? Rian Johnson just threw some scraps to the fanatics as the director told Variety: “It seemed like the potential of Luke crossing into a new realm — that offers exciting possibilities for the role he plays in the coming chapter. No one’s ever really gone.” There you have it! He’ll be back!

Of course, this being Star Wars, Johnson backtracked his quote, leaving room for another 24 months of speculation and theories. He added: “I don’t know where the next movie is going to go. JJ (Abrams) and Chris Terrio are writing it right now.” Asked if he was confirming Luke would really return, he said: “I’m not writing the script, so I don’t know. But as a fan, I would hope so.”

You have to imagine that JJ will want to do something big with Luke. MAYBE even undo some wrongs that happened in The Last Jedi. We’ll just have to wait it out. How do you think JJ will bring back Luke Skywalker? Let us know below.

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