Deadpool Director Tim Miller Developing KITTY PRYDE Film

According to Collider, director Tim Miller is developing a Kitty Pryde feature film for 20th Century Fox.

Little is known about the reported project, including whether Ellen Page would reprise her role as the character from previous X-Men films. Kitty Pryde’s longtime paramour Colossus appeared in Miller’s Deadpool, and will appear in its sequel.

Though Miller is reportedly interested in directing the project, fans of Kitty Pryde shouldn’t get too excited. Currently, there’s no word yet on whether or not 20th Century Fox will give the film the green light. Even so, we’re sure X-Men fans will be happy to know that Miller is clearly interested.

Kitty Pryde is a mutant who possesses the ability to phase. Her unique power to become intangible allows her and whatever objects or people she’s touching to pass through solid objects. It also allows her to do cool things like disrupting any electrical field she’s passing through and simulate levitation.

And let’s not forget her trustee dragon familiar, Lockheed.

Are you guys excited about a Kitty Pryde film? If Ellen Page doesn’t come back who would you want to have play the role? Let us know below.

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