A Conspiracy Is Brewing In Witchblade #2

Following the murder of Blake Graves the new Witchblade host must face the consequences in Witchblade #2.

Alex Underwood was just in time to save her client from most likely being murdered.  Once Graves started directing his threats toward Underwood her new powers awakened.  The Witchblade weaves through Graves and kills him in a violent fashion.

Blake Graves’ wife, Myra, and Underwood set up his body to make it look like self defense which it was and not like he was killed by some crazy power which he was.  The police as Myra some questions and when it is time to ask Underwood her side of the story she’s vanished.

All the events which have occured to Underwood lately have been too much for her to handle.  She dies, is reborn, has this crazy power and finally murders someone with the power.  Underwood just needed some time to think, but the police eventually find her.

Victoria Roseland begins to interrogate her and look at her side of the story.  It should be a basic interrogation, but Roseland is an internal affairs detective which seems odd to Underwood.  

Prior to the interrogation Underwood finds a flash drive and it could blow up a lot of secrets.  However, she doesn’t know what she has found or what it means.

Underwood’s mysterious new friend, Ash, is still teaching her about her new power, but he reveals he is the Witchblade’s protector not the host’s.  She must step up to her new power or it will kill her.

I am completely new to Witchblade and have not read a single comic or seen the TV show.  This Witchblade has a new host from the previous series. It can be read independently from the previous series.  So far that seems to be true as I have not had any confusion.

The concept is really cool and I like the fact it is a strong female heroine.  Having the hero inherit a special power is a common theme, but it be going into a female is uncommon.  Underwood is tough and takes no crap which I love.  She is also attractive, but she is not sexed up at all.

The comic looks to be an uncovering conspiracy type of story and I like that direction.  I want a really deep complicated story and it is going in that direction.  However, I hope they also have some serious fight scenes too.  This is an Image Comics superhero comic after all and their other superhero comic, Invincible, is super violent.

This is a good comic which I liked, but I don’t love.  It has not really hooked me or at least not yet.  If you are unfamiliar with Witchblade like myself this is going in the right direction and is a good intro to Witchblade.






Written by: Caitlin Kittredge

Art by:  Roberta Ingranata and Bryan Valenza

Cover by: Roberta Ingranata and Bryan Valenza

Release: 1/10/2017

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics

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