Comic Rewind: Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX

In a little corner of Battleworld the little X-Men and the little Avengers are at full blown war in Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX.

Tensions between the two groups have been high for as long as anyone can remember.  The two sides fight over everything and at one point they fight over Blob and Toad eating at their food cart.  However, the war gets really bad when twins move into the neighborhood.

Both sides want Zachary and Zoe to join their “club” and give tours of their clubhouses.  They show what it means to be a X-Men or Avenger and its perks.  The twins have an impossible choice between these two cool “clubs.”  However, there are more than one club in Marvel and once the other groups show up that choice gets even harder.

The backup story has Cyclops stealing Captain America’s best friend. Bucky Bear.  All hell breaks loose as everyone from both sides wants Bucky Bear by their side.

Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX was written and drawn by Scottie Young with color artist Jean-Francois Beaulieu.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2016.

All the characters in this comic are in the 5-8 years old age range and their personalities reflects their age.  This also gives a lot of opportunities for humor.  Tony Stark for example has a goatee which is drawn on with a marker.

This book is really silly and fun.  It is always nice to have fun reading a comic and this one absolutely delivers.  Every page had a laugh and their was a lot of clever jokes included.  Another example of the clever humor is that Uatu the Watcher can’t sleep because his dad watches him sleep all night.

The backup story with Bucky Bear is better than the main story.  In that story both sides are closer to babies and are about 18 months to 2 years old.  It had a big Rugrats feel to me which I love.  The story was only one issue and it was short and sweet.

However, the main story takes place over multiple issues and I don’t think that was the right choice.  The novelty of the story wears off quickly that way.  I would have loved to see each issue be its own story.  The concept and if each issue was a different story the universe could have been explored much more.

I liked this volume, but I am more in love with the concept and art than the actual story.  This is a huge change from what I normally read and it was refreshing.  The art is very colorful and visually appealing.  The art is right out of a really good children’s book.

If you like this story and especially the art then Young is your man.  This is the kind of comic he is known for and the other works I’ve read by him are always very good.

The concept was awesome and I loved, but I would have liked many short stories rather than a long one excluding the backup. I wish he would do more in this little/baby Marvel universe because I loved it.  This has a 9 and up age rating, but I feel like this could easily be read by younger kids.



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