Comic Rewind: Breath Of Bones: A Tale Of The Golem

A small town is being invaded by Nazis during World War II, but help comes from an powerful protector in Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem.

The Nazi army are quickly making their way across Europe.  Eventually their army has become too powerful and taken too much land to ignore.  Every able bodied man of a small village joins the fight to stop the Nazi army.  One of the men who left was Noah’s father.  Noah is a young boy who is now being raised by his grandparents.

Noah would sit on a stone wall overlooking a bridge waiting for his father.  He did this for weeks until one day his grandfather, Jacob, decided to sit next to him.  However, this is a bad thing as his grandfather had the tough talk on the reality that his father was probably not coming back.  As they are sitting a British plane crashes in a nearby field.

The British pilot is still alive in the wreckage, but is badly hurt.  The village quickly puts out the fire and takes the pilot, Simon Richards, to safety.  Jacob is looked to as the town elder and everyone is very worried about the plane and pilot drawing Nazi attention.  They been left alone so far, but the plane will change that.

Jacob gives Noah a small clay figure which is passed down from grandfather to grandson.  This figure is a golem and is a defender made of mud.  As the Nazis move into town a giant golem is made.

Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem was written by Steve Niles and Matt Santoro with art by Dave Wachter.  Dark Horse Comics published the volume in 2014.

This story is very interesting and does a good job of capturing what is was like for a small village during World War II.  This particular village is at least partially Jewish as the golem is from Jewish folklore.

Something I didn’t like was how little of the war was seen.  The opening has Noah fighting in World War II and then flashes back.  However we don’t get to see adult Noah again until the very end.  I would have liked to see the story flash back and forth.

The opening scene is really gritty and emotional.  I liked that and would liked to see more of that.  This is a very short book as it is only 81 pages in total.  I think this story could have been expanded on and really add a lot of story points.

The art I really loved.  It is in black and white and shows a lot of detail.  As those who have read my reviews know I am always apprehensive to read black and white comics.  However, this is done perfectly as is shows a great degree of detail and contrast is done perfectly.  This is how black and white comics should be done.

I liked this comic, but I wanted to see more of the war.  After I finished reading it felt incomplete to me.


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