Combined Force Idea Set Is POWER RANGERS In LEGO Form

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While Power Rangers fans are still waiting for a true LEGO set, this Combined Force set sounds really amazing.

This idea was created by a fan named Alexmorsilla, and it features a team of Power Rangers or Super Sentai inspired team of Rangers that are all based on real jobs. Jake (Red) is a Fireman, while Skylar (Pink) is a Pilot. Troy (Black) is a Policeman, and Jade (Blue) is a Police Pilot. Rounding out the group is Alan (Yellow), who is a Builder.

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The crew each comes with their own vehicles, which when combined form their own giant mech called the Hyperion Defender. Jake the Fireman comes with a Fire Truck, while Skylar the Pilot uses a Jet. Troy uses a Police Car and Jade the Police Pilot comes with a Police Chopper. Alan the Builder uses a Tractor for his mode of transportation.

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The best part is that the Hyperion Defender can be assembled without having to take the individual vehicles apart, as each one has the ability to transform into the needed formation. The Hyperion Defender also comes with a shield (formed from the back part of the firetruck), a hammer (the truck’s ladder), and a sword, which is formed by the Police Chopper’s blades. Each vehicle will also fit one member of the team.

This has 61 supporters so far, and there are 25 days left to vote on this set. The LEGO Ideas website has the information on this set. And here is the description of it:

“When the city is in danger the most advanced vehicles will assemble together to protect the citizens, they are the LEGO Combined Force!!!

Those 5 vehicles are:

The Fire Truck with its ladder equipped with water pump hose to protect from any fire menace.

The Jet protects the skies.

The Police Car is ready to protect and serve.

To give cover in the skies always count on the Police Chopper.

And last but not least the Tractor ready to rebuild the city.”

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