A vacation leads to a deadly struggle with the universe’s greatest hunter in Archie vs. Predator.

Archie and friends are debating how they will spend spring break.  Jughead is eating chips and wins a trip to a luxury beach.  They go to a Costa Rican beach and start to have fun planning a fashion show.  That night they see a shooting star and each make a wish.

After the fashion show causes a huge fight between Betty and Veronica, Veronica ends up kissing Archie.  This leads Betty into the jungle where she finds a cave with a jaguar dagger and curses Veronica and Cheryl.

While this is going on we see that shooting star was actually a spaceship, but not just anyone’s ship.  It belongs to the famous hunter race of predators.  When everyone is looking for Betty, Predator is killing Jason and Cheryl.

The gang decides all the drama between Betty and Veronica has ruined the trip and decides to go home early.  However, Archie and gang are not the only ones who decide to leave Costa Rica.  Predator follows and its first victim is Pops right in front of everyone his head explodes.

This starts the war between Archie and gang vs Predator, but it quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse.  Predator soon finds out this is not just an ordinary group of teenagers.

Archie vs. Predator was written by Alex de Campi with art by Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski and Jason Millet.  Dark Horse Comics published the comic in 2015.

I just couldn’t help reading another Archie comic.  Maybe I should read an actual Archie comic.

An interesting way this comic is different than my last two Archie comics I’ve read is the art.  This is done in the classic Archie style and it is makes it very jarring when something violent happens.  The comic is very violent.

Main characters die, their heads explode and their spines are ripped right out of their bodies.  Just when I settled into the campy nature of Archie someone dies in a very sudden and gruesome way.  It always shocked me, but it was a good thing and it made me enjoy it more.

Just when I thought I knew who would survive the comic they died.  I felt like I was watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.  People were just dying so suddenly and important people were dying.

However, there is a lot of humor in the comic with references to Predator,  AVP movies and other Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.  Apparently the predators only come to Earth when it is really hot, so that is good to know.  The comic is very silly, but absolutely brutal.  This is not a kids comic at all.

I loved this comic and it hooked me very strongly and very quickly.  It is also a very quick and easy read.  There was no complicated storylines or confusing concepts.  It was just a fun comic with a lot of laughs.

Another great Archie comic and I highly suggest this to Archie or Riverdale fans who are looking for a quick fun read.  However, this is an mature comic despite its appearance.


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