If there’s one series that keeps me speechless in the last two seasons and keeps me wanting more, it would have to be Black Mirror. I was a fan of the first two that aired in the UK, but to me it finally hit its stride when Netflix took over.

In late December when Season 4 finally premiered, I binged all 8 episodes and god damn I was left in awe. From the the masterful first episode ” U.S.S. Mcallister”to the final episode, “Black Museum”, each episode was perfect. The episode I fell in love with that I still can’t stop discussing with people hands down is “Hang The DJ”. Fans and critics alike have described it to season 3’s “San Junipero” which is rightly deserved.

Yes, I’m obsessed with this show and I don’t care. Well over the weekend Netflix released a series of featurettes on each episode and they are wonderful. Check out the main series 4 featurette below along with my favorite episodes “Hang The DJ”

Which Black Mirror season and episode is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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