The Safdie Brothers Are Remaking 80’s Classic 48 HRS.

After an endless onslaught of unnecessary reboots, Hollywood finally came up with a fantastic idea for one: According to The Hollywood Reporter48 Hrs. is getting a remake from Good Time directors Ben and Josh Safdie. And that’s not all! Jerrod Carmichael — he of the canceled-too-soon Carmichael Show from NBC — will cowrite the script.

For those who don’t know (and to you I say, log off right now and go watch the damn movie), the original 48 Hrs. is a classic, frenetic ’80s caper that put Eddie Murphy on the map as a foul-mouthed convict helping a cop (a very on-brand Nick Nolte) catch two killers in, you guessed it, 48 hours. Seeing how the Safdie brothers just executed one of the best films of the year with Good Time — which features a powerhouse performance from Robert Pattinson and takes place in one chaotic, neon-infused New York night — a 48 Hrs. reboot from them is the ideal union of art and artist.

Casting for the lead roles hasn’t been set yet, but I have some ideas. Why not let Pattinson and the Safdies link up again? Should we extend the David Harbour renaissance? Is Hannibal Buress available? Who’d say no to Get Out breakout Lil Rel Howery?

Think about it, Safdie brothers!

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