STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Cameos You Probably Missed

Now that The Last Jedi is finally out in theaters a lot of its secrets have come tumbling out. We’re not talking about who is related to whom or which beloved character didn’t make it out of the movie alive. We mean all the little cameos and casting Easter Eggs that Rian Johnson peppered into his first of many Star Wars films. Spoilers for the plot of The Last Jedi below but, really, if you’re reading this and haven’t seen the movie yet then the dark side has already won.

Princes William and Harry, Tom Hardy, and Gary Barlow as Storm Troopers

We’ll start with the most popular and also most controversial entry on the list. It has long been rumored that Princes WilliamHarry,  actor Tom Hardy, and Gary Barlow would appear as Stormtroopers in The Last Jedi. The scene, reportedly, took place in an elevator where  four soldiers were guarding John Boyega’s Finn. Boyega has since said the scene was cut (certainly no such elevator scene exists) and told ITV: “They cut it out of the film. I did personally apologize to [the princes] yesterday and said, ‘Sorry you were cut out of the film.’ Will was like, ‘I guess I just need to work more on the skill.’” Cameras may have even caught this moment between William and Boyega.

But Boyega’s reps also confirmed to The Daily Mail that the actor was only joking, elsewhere, when he said the royal cameos had been cut.  One popular new theory is that the princes appear as the pair of executioner stormtroopers who menace Finn and Rose and cock their weapons in a little but of coordinated choreography. William and Harry do know their way around long-handled objects.

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