5 Questions We’re Left With After Seeing STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

1. What was Leia’s flying scene all about?

After the bridge of her cruiser was destroyed, Leia was flung out into space along with the rest of the Resistance leaders. But she didn’t die out there: she appeared to use the Force to bring herself back to safety. We know she has a connection to the Force, in her communication with Luke from the original trilogy – but we’ve never seen her use her powers physically. If she’s so strong, why did she never train in the ways of the Jedi? And why did no one talk about how she’d saved herself from death in space? Everyone just carried on like it was totally normal.

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  1. I agree with the carried on, like it was no big deal thing. 1. Why were they even looking out there? 2. So the force makes it so you can breath and survive the vacuum of space? The flying back didn’t bother me as much since there was little to resistance, and her mass is fairly small, it’s not much different than pulling a light saber from the snow, except in reverse. You forgot to mention she blows the door apart to the bridge to stop Poe. Sure others were cutting through it but she blew it apart. A force to be reckoned with indeed.