10 Insane STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Fan Theories

Benicio del Toro’s DJ Is An Older Ezra Bridger

If you don’t know the name Ezra Bridger, we strongly suggest checking out the spinoff series “Star Wars: Rebels.” Set five years before “A New Hope” the animated shows follows a group of ragtag rebels as they run covert operations against the Empire. One of those rebels is Ezra,  a Jedi Padawan who spent time tracking down Obi-Wan.

This theory originated when fans realized that del Toro’s DJ has similar face scars to Ezra. Plus the young character would be about the same age as del Toro (early 50s) at the time of “The Last Jedi.” Is it possible Disney decided to integrate an aged-up character from one of their animated series into the live-action films?

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