Roman Reigns: “I’m the Best Performer In-Ring in the World Right Now”

After RAW this Monday, we saw the debut of a new show the WWE Network called “Straight To The Source”, hosted by WWE announcer, Corey Graves. This is kind of like WWE’s version of shoot interviews which feature different Superstars being candid. The first guest on the show was ‘The Big Dog’ himself, current Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns.

The discussion touched on a number of topics ranging from the Shield to possibly retiring the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. At one point in the interview, Graves asked Reigns if he was WWE’s top star. Reigns responded, ““every day of the week.” He elaborated more by stating the following:

“I’m the best performer in-ring in the world right now. You can go to my matches and my PPV’s over the last three years, and you can say I’m an idiot, or you can be like ‘man, he’s got a point’, you know what I mean?”

Reigns isn’t the only one with a high opinion of him. When speaking with the National during a press tour in Abu Dhabi, Triple H had this to say about the Big Dog.

“I think he is one of the best that the WWE have right now. Roman is in an unique position because the fan base tends to believe that he is this chosen one that the WWE wants in this position so they choose not to accept that position. But the truth is, and some people will listen to this and want to argue against it, but honestly most of the people who argue against it aren’t qualified to make that argument. I am. Roman is one of the most skilled performers bar none in the WWE right now and that is on every level.

“It is funny that Roman goes to the ring every night and there is a decision being made whether they want to boo him or cheer him depending on where you are and depends what is done. But usually by the end of the night, because he works so hard and he is so good at what he does that he wins them over. That has been the trend recently, as you saw with John Cena, as you see with others. He is a skilled guy in the ring, no matter how you break it down. I would consider him to be one of the very best in the WWE today.”

It’s hard to deny that Reigns has performed in many main events on PPV’s and while it’s true that he gives his all in the ring and puts on decent matches, he has also been given every opportunity a superstar can get and it may be better served to turn Reigns into a heel, but that is unlikely to happen. It’s heavily rumored that Reigns will face the Beast, Brock Lesnar on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

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