Ridley Scott Thought BLADE RUNNER 2049 Was Too Damn Long

Blade Runner 2049 was a critical and fan darling, cementing its director Denis Villeneuve as one of the top filmmakers of his generation and proving that there was much more story to tell in Blade Runner’s universe. On critics’ year-end lists, it is the #9 film on aggregate, sports an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is currently ranked at 66 on the IMDb Top 250. It did not, however, perform to expectations at the box office, earning $91,524,557 in the US for a total of $258,245,550 worldwide.

It turns out that Ridley Scott, who executive produced and assisted in the story of BLADE RUNNER 2049, believes that the film could have benefited from a shorter run-time as well. During an interview promoting his latest film All The Money In The World, Scott explained what he thought went wrong.

[Whispers] I have to be careful what I say. I have to be careful what I say. It was fucking way too long. Fuck me! And most of that script’s mine.

Scott was actually a co-writer but did not want any credit for it. But you better believe he was there for almost all of the filming. Scott further explains

But the big idea comes from Blade Runner. Tyrell is a trillionaire, maybe 5 to 10 percent of his business is AI. Like God, he has created perfect beings that, for all intents and purposes, there is no telling the difference from humans. Then he says, “You know what? I’m going to create an AI. I’ll have a male and female, they will not know that they’re both AIs, I’ll have them meet each other, they will fall in love, they will consummate, and they will have a child.” That’s the first film. The second film is, what happens to the baby? You’ve got to have the baby, you can’t have the mother, so the mother has to inexplicably die four months after she breastfeeds. The bones are found in the box at the foot of the tree — that’s all me. And the digital girlfriend is me. I wanted an evolution from Pris, who is inordinately sexy in the original, right?

BLADE RUNNER 2049 will be released on DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD on January 16, 2018.

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