POWER RANGERS Dino Charge’s Brennan Mejia Talks About What He Loved From The 2017 Movie And What He’d Like To See Next

It’s still up in the air whether or not we’ll be seeing Power Rangers return to the big screen, but one Red Ranger remains hopeful. A sub-par box office performance worldwide has put the film to the long-running franchise on hold, but a rumor surfaced that toy sales could lead to the film being greenlit. As of now, the status of the film remains in limbo, but Red Dino Charge Ranger, Brennan Mejia talks about what he liked about the movie and what he’d like to see next.

“I totally enjoyed the movie. I think that when people related it to the Ivan Ooze, the original Mighty Morphin’ movie they’re just… it’s different entities. It’s not… I mean, you can try to compare them but it’s really not the same. I had fun with it. I really, really enjoyed they put the Mighty Morphin’ theme song in with the Megazord. That was a good touch. It wasn’t even like a remake. It was like the original. So, that was cool. In the future, what would I like to see in a sequel, if there was a sequel? Well, I’m interested to see if Tommy… I’ve heard rumors that Tommy might be a girl. That’d be cool. That’d be an interesting spin for sure. I want to see more fight sequences, I guess. Because they took awhile to get… obviously, they’re building a story and a backstory, and that’s… at the end of the day that should be more important, but me, I’m like, stunts, action, go! Hiya!”

Jason David Frank, who originally played Tommy on the original series shares Mejia’s sentiment about seeing Tommy as a female. The film did lack some action when the Rangers actually dawned their suits so it’s understandable to want more for a sequel. Just recently Dacre Montgomery, who played Jason in the film said all of the actors would love to come back and says that a sequel isn’t out of sight. The Power Rangers Movie had a lot of things working against it like being release the 2nd week that Beauty and the Beast was in its theatrical run and going up against the blockbuster film Guardians Of The Galaxy in Japan, but it was well received by fans and we can only hope that Lionsgate and Saban greenlit a sequel. If the Power Rangers sequel were to happen what would you like to see? Leave a message in the comments below.

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