A New Ally Enters In Nightwing: The New Order #5

The rescue mission hits a real big snag when they face one last obstacle in Nightwing: The New Order #5.

They are just feet away from saving Jake Grayson, but a giant Mr. Freeze stands in their way.  It is hard not to think of him like the final boss of a level from a video game.  Make sure you attack his weak points Titans.  Jake is able to make an escape route for the Titans.

The Titans need to regroup with an ally in Metropolis, but you will never guess who it is and no cheating and looking at the cover.  Once they meet up we learn more about the device which took away everyone’s powers.

However, the big revelation is the burning question of how Batman died.  Batman was murdered, but who he was murdered by explains why Dick Grayson is going after powered individuals.

This was a much slower issue and I was a little disappointed. The news about how Batman died was a big shock and was the big event of the issue.

There is one issue remaining in this series and I don’t know how they will end it.  However, I don’t just mean I don’t know what will happen next.  I mean how they will wrap up all the loose ends and answer all the questions I have.

When I saw this was the second to last issue I expected a lot of stuff to be crammed in, but it didn’t really happen.  In the next issue a lot has to happen and I fear it will be too much and the issue will suffer.  The inverse could also occur and nothing being explained is just as bad.

Something I never really noticed in the previous issues is how aging works in the series.  Dick and Superman have grey hair, but Wally West looks the same.  West should look to be about the same age as Dick, but West looks like he is in his 20s and Dick in his 40s

However, I love Superman’s new look.  Superman is super buff and it makes sense.  He was so strong that he had a hard time finding something heavy enough to lift to build up muscle.  However, now he doesn’t have his powers so he can actually hit the gym.  Superman also looks pretty good with a beard.

I liked how Dick is so stubborn and refuses to join the Titans.  It reminds me of Batman and how serious Batman always is. Dick has seen a lot in his life and the fun and optimistic boy is gone.  All which is left is an all business butt kicking machine.

Losing Batman really seemed to change Dick and I like that.  Having his “father” die really changed him and made him more militant.  However, he is not as good at strategy as Batman was and Dick is too emotional.  Dick is a really interesting character in this issue.

I wanted so much from this issue and it didn’t really deliver.  The next issue has me really nervous because I loved the series, but it slowed way down and is asking more questions than answering them.







Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by:  Trevor McCarthy and Dean White

Cover by:  Trevor McCarthy

Release: 12/27/2017

Issue: 5

Publisher: DC Comics

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