Neill Blomkamp Shares More Scratched ALIEN 5 Concept Art

Ridley Scott announced that a sequel to Alien: Covenant more than likely will not be happening due to the FOX/Disney merger. I personally think they have other properties they’d want to get their hands on and possibly reboot instead of Aliens which is a shame because Covenant is not the movie that should end the Xenomorphs.

Anyhow, Neill Blomkamp recently took to Twitter to share some concept art for his abandonedĀ ALIENĀ flick and seems to indicate that he will be posting more in the near future. THANK GOD!

You can check out his tweet below which seems to show character and costume designs. We’ll let you know if he posts any more.

I really hope that Disney decides to let Blomkamp continue with his version of Alien. From District 9 to Chappy, Blompkamp has a flair for Sci-Fi and all of his films are visually stunning, yes even that Matt Damon one we won’t speak about. Stay tuned with That Hashtag Show for any Alien updates.

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