Kelson Henderson Becoming The Red Ranger In POWER RANGERS Ninja Steel Was An Emotion On Set

No one is more deserving of being a Power Ranger than Kelson Henderson. Kelson has either appeared in or voiced a character in every season since Power Rangers Dino Thunder with the exception of Power Rangers Samurai. Some of his more notable roles in the long-running series are Boom from Power Rangers S.P.D., Phineas from Mystic Force, and Mick from Ninja Steel. Henderson has kind of been a Ranger once before, but his character, Boom, used it as a ruse for his parents on S.P.D. and sort of cosplayed as the “Orange Ranger.”

During the season finale of Ninja Steel, Henderson’s hard work on the franchise paid off and he became a Red Ninja Steel Ranger along with Brody (William Shewfelt) and Brody’s father, Dane (Mike Edward). On a recent episode of our Power Rangers After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up, Peter Sudarso, the Blue Ninja Steel Rangers, Preston, described the moment he and Kelson found out that he would become a Ranger and how emotional it was for him once that moment finally came.

“We had talks of what was going to happen. Is it going to be Levi, because it’s black and gold (describing the sash), and maybe the dad could be red and silver, but then it turned out they wanted to make Mick the Red Ranger, and when we found out, me and Kelson were like, MY GOSH! YOU’RE NOW A CANON REAL RANGER, NOT JUST A CANON IMAGINARY RANGER! Now you are a real Red, and now he gets to be two colors.” 

Peter also describes when the time finally came for Kelson to be on set and revealed as one of the Red Rangers.

“That moment itself was super, super emotional for himself, personal, as an actor, and with me as well. Because I remember that day when we found out, me and him because he knew I was a fan. He, himself is a huge fan.” Sudarso dropped hints on social media as easter eggs for the fans to find. “He deserves it so much! And that smirk you see him doing, that wasn’t even acting that was 100% real. He was so happy. And if you actually look on my Instagram, or his Instagram, way, way back, you get to see that there was a shirt that I gave him. I gave him two shirts. I gave him an orange shirt, his orange SPD shirt and there was a red shirt underneath that no one caught on. But we’ve been dropping hints like crazy. From the beginning. But I gave him red with the silver sash.”

Peter goes on to talk about how deserving his castmate was to finally dawn the Red Ranger suit, not just because of his tenure on the show, but actually playing a mentor to the young actor in real life.

“The dudes amazing. Not just even Ninja Steel. The dudes a legacy and just an amazing dude. Like one of the top-notch people that I know. He’s the one who gave me the most advice. Because I remember, there were multiple times where I would just feel down. Sometimes at work, it gets hard. It’s a grind. It’s 4 am to 8 pm. Long hours. Sometimes you feel you’re not doing well enough. Sometimes you feel like you may be unappreciated. Sometimes you might get into tiffs with other people. He was the guy that I always came to. Literally, every time I would just sit down and I would have a spot that I would always go to work, and he would just know. He would come up to me and just be like, hey, dude, you look like something’s wrong. And we would talk and he would actually do what Mick does to the characters in Ninja Steel with me in real life. He’s an amazing guy.”

We’re glad that Kelson finally became a canon Red Ranger. He seems to embody the spirit of being a Power Ranger and a mentor to his castmates on and offset. We certainly hope to see more of Henderson as one of the Red Rangers when the show returns for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest Power Rangers news, check out our Power Rangers After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up LIVE on YouTube every Saturday.





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