Comic Rewind: Champions Vol. 1

A group of young heroes believe the adults don’t care enough about the common man so they form their own team in Champions Vol. 1.

Ms. Marvel is on a mission with Falcon/Captain America, Jane Foster/Thor and Vision.  They get the bad guys, but a food truck along with the surrounding environment was damaged in the battle.  Ms. Marvel wants to help the people fix the food truck, but everyone else wants to leave.

This is the final straw for Ms. Marvel and quits the Avengers.  Ms. Marvel texts Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Samuel Alexander/Nova to meet up.  She wants to start a new team who cares about who they fight and why.  The “grown-ups” have lost sight of that over the years. This new team will be called Champions.

The Champions recruit Amadeus Cho/Hulk and saves a bunch of trapped miners.  However, saving the miners Ms. Marvel gives an impromptu recruitment speech to the cell phones recording her.  They will be the champions for the common man basically.

The Champions members become Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova, Hulk, Viv Vision, young Cyclops and eventually Gwenpool.

A new team needs to go out on missions and prove themselves to the world.  This is exactly what they do.  However, as any new team would experience the Champions are having growing pains and issues.  The role of leadership is the main issue.  Ms. Marvel, Cyclops and Hulk all think they should be the leader.

Champions Vol. 1 was written by Mark Waid with art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba and Edgar Delgado .  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2017.

I loved the idea of putting all these young heroes on a team together.  It is always interesting to see what these teenage heroes think of the Marvel universe.  I have never read a Ms. Marvel comic so it was interesting to read about her and her powers.

Some things I didn’t like is that they don’t seem to be fighting anything all that important.  They are street level heroes basically, but there are zero stakes at risk.  I don’t mean they have to fight Thanos, but a “B” or “C” level villain who is giving them a hard time would work perfectly.  A villain like Taskmaster would be a cool first foe. Inexperience is something Taskmaster or somebody could really take advantage of that.

They didn’t really seem like a team and were more like a bunch of individuals on a team.  A bunch of team moments or a bunch of individual moments would have made the story fit together better.

The concept was good, but I just don’t think it was executed to its full potential.  I found this volume lacking the heart and the epic battles I was looking for and ended up a little boring.  



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