Ciara Hanna Was Going To Be A POWER RANGER In Hyperforce

Power Rangers Hyperforce mixes the elements of Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG gameplay and well, Power Rangers. It gives longtime fan more content geared towards them and connects with different Rangers from past seasons. Power Rangers alumni Paul Schrier who played Bulk and Peter Sudarso, who is currently the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger, Preston on Power Rangers Ninja Steel are currently Rangers on the show, but it looks that Peter wasn’t the only Ranger that was originally going to be on Hyperforce.

While interviewing Ciara Hanna recently, she told THS that she was originally going to be a Ranger in Hyperforce. Due to scheduling conflicts, she had to pass on the opportunity. Here’s what Ciara had to say about Hyperforce:

“I was supposed to do that (Power Rangers Hyperforce) but I couldn’t. She went on to say, I was supposed to be a Ranger but I was filming in Kentucky so I had to deny it, but I’m hoping to be a guest star on it because it’s a really amazing project I think.”

Ciara was a fan favorite on her season, Power Rangers Megaforce so it would make sense that Saban would want to see her return as a Ranger just as Peter did. The Ranger that Ciara was going to play was the Black Ranger, Vesper, who is played brilliantly by Christina Vee. Hanna did go on to say that she would love to come on as a guest star and fact that the Hyperforce Rangers going through different times and dimension and have already had past guest stars Karan Ashley who played Aisha Campbell on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Erni Cahill from Power Rangers Time Force, and Mike Ginn from Power Rangers RPM on the show, we can definitely see this happening. The cast of Power Rangers Hyperforce are doing an amazing job so it’s hard to not pitch one of them as their characters, but its always fun to imagine what if. If you a fan of Power Rangers then we highly recommend giving the show a watch or check out our Power Rangers Hyperforce After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up on YouTube.







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