EXCLUSIVE: ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL Breakdown Hints Rick Jones Appearing In The Film

With Captain Marvel set to begin production for a week in January before resuming full-time in March, we’ve been able to score quite a bit of information on the cast for the upcoming film. In addition to what we’ve already delivered, we have an interesting new breakdown for a supporting character in the film.

[UNKNOWN MALE] Supporting Lead Male (35-59) Intelligent, but can throw a punch. Open ethnicity. Sounds like he may be tied to a well-known character.

That’s not a lot to go on and before we move on, we want to be clear that we have NO further intel on this character and that what you see below is nothing more than a guess. With that said, we believe that this character COULD POSSIBLY be none other than longtime Marvel Comics sidekick Rick Jones!

Jones first appeared in 1962 in The Incredible Hulk #1 as the catalyst for Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk. During the gamma bomb test that created the Green Goliath, Jones recklessly drove into the test site, causing Banner to run out and save the teen, thus absorbing the massive amounts of gamma rays that changed his life forever. Jones spent years trying to make it up to Banner before realizing that he could never truly save him.

Jones went on to meet and be trained in combat by Captain America before serving as the all-new, all-different Bucky before crossing paths with the hero that may have had the most significant impact on Jones’ life: Kree hero Mar-Vell. While many know Jones from his time in the Hulk (and even then it may be from a TV series), his time with Mar-Vell resulted in one of the weirdest and deepest relationships he ever had with a hero.

Led by the Kree Supreme Intelligence to discover the fabulous Nega-Bands at an abandoned Kree Earth-base, Jones could switch places with Mar-Vell, who had been trapped in the Negative Zone,  allowing the Kree hero to continue saving the universe. Through the years, Jones and Mar-Vell (who shared a telepathic link) became close and, ultimately, Jones was at the side of Mar-Vell when he died.

Jones also played a key role in the ending of the Kree-Skrull War, the event that will serve as the backdrop for the central plot of the Captain Marvel film, and is one of the oldest characters in Marvel Comics who has yet to make an official appearance in the MCU (he was originally slated to play a role in The Incredible Hulk, but was reduced to the equivalent of a name drop in the opening credits). With the film taking place in the 90s, it wouldn’t take much to either retcon or dismiss the opening credits of TIH and give us a Rick Jones, who is a little older in the present day, but responsible for helping either Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers or both from escaping the Quantum Realm, something that is rumored to occur in the film.

Again, this is just wishful thinking and the actual news here is that we have another character breakdown for the film. It could be Rick Jones or any number of other characters from the 7,000 to whom Kevin Feige has indicated they own the rights.

Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters March 8, 2019! Stay tuned to THS as we continue to bring you news you aren’t getting anywhere else!

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