EXCLUSIVE: Did Amy Jo Johnson Want To Return To POWER RANGERS To Direct An Episode?

Returning to Power Rangers as a Ranger doesn’t seem all that difficult. During Super Megaforce, 10 Rangers returned for the reunion episode and it looks like we’ll be seeing more with next years 25-anniversary episode on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, but returning to the series behind the camera is another challenge altogether. Jason Smith, who portrayed Casey on Power Rangers Jungle Fury returned for a few episodes as a writer, but no former Ranger has come back as a director or producer. Just ask Amy Jo Johnson, who played Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger.

When THS spoke to Jason David Frank we asked him if he would like to come back to the franchise in a behind the scenes capacity, Frank stated that while he would love to it wouldn’t be that easy.

“I would love to. I am writing a film called Black Dragon now. I’m gonna produce my own film. I would love to. I just think it’s not that easy. Working with Saban, you would think it’s that easy but it’s not that easy. If I call and say, ” Hey I want to direct” it won’t be that easy.  I know Amy (Jo Johnson) was talking about directing a show.  It’s not that easy returning back to the show.”

Amy Jo Johnson wanting to direct an episode of Power Rangers shouldn’t surprise you. She’s directed many short films and has been putting a lot of focus on her feature, The Space Between. Timing and distance could have played a factor in why this didn’t ultimately work out amongst a plethora of other reasons. Personally, we’d love to see Amy Jo in the director’s chair for an episode of Power Rangers and the 25th-anniversary season seemed like the perfect time to bring her back. It would also be great for her to direct and guest star in an episode. Imagine a Forever Pink? We can dream, right? What do you think of Amy Jo Johnson directing an episode of Power Rangers? Leave a message in the comments below.

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