9 Actors That Could Replace the X-MEN Heroes in the MCU

HANK McCOY A.K.A BEAST played by Idris Elba

Dr. Hank McCoy, a mutant who possesses the physical characteristics similar to that of an ape and a feline. And for a man with increased strength and senses he is very light on his feet. The character has been portrayed a handful of times by two actors who couldn’t have done a better job. If the MCU wants to skew younger than Kelsey Grammer, but older than Nicholas Hoult, look no further than Idris Elba.

Yes! I know Idris is already in the MCU, but his role is underserved and he’s obviously bored with it. Not to mention he would be under prosthetics or in motion capture for his role as Dr. Hank McCoy. As an actor who generally has an enormous presence in any film that he is in this could challenge him to take a meeker approach.

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