9 Actors That Could Replace the X-MEN Heroes in the MCU

LOGAN A.K.A WOLVERINE played by Karl Urban

Sorry Hugh Jackman fans. Looks like he thought what most people thought at the time he made his statement that he would come back to the role of Wolverine if he could fight the Avengers, that this deal would never happen! During the press tour for The Greatest Showman he stood his ground by reiterating that he was done with the character. One cannot blame him. His character had one of the best closings in cinematic history, and coming back would severely cheapen it. So while even a re-cast of the role should be a no-no we know that Logan takes place years beyond the current MCU timeline. Enter….Karl Urban!

Yes, he’s only a few years younger than Hugh Jackman and may not have longevity, but Urban would make the best of the one or two appearances that we could get out of him. Did anyone else not recognize him in Thor: Ragnarok?! Anyone? Uhhhh….ok *nervous laughter*. He has played a range of characters, and has transformed his body in films such as the Star Trek series, the gritty film Dredd, and the aforementioned Thor: Ragnarok.

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