Bruce Wayne slowly gives in to his dark side as Joker aka Jack Napier plans his downfall in Batman: White Knight #3.

In the last issue we got a huge reveal that there are two Harley Quinns.  One is the Suicide Squad version and the other was the original from the ‘90s.  Suicide Squad Harley was in love with the Joker persona and hated him being reformed.  However, the other Harley is in love with the actual man.

When Joker tortured Jason Todd Robin that was the final straw for her and she left Joker.  The Joker had become more in love with Batman than with her.  She lived a normal life after she left Joker.  However, when she heard about Napier coming out she swooped back into his life and they started dating again.

However, Suicide Squad Harley is not done with Joker.  She gets her plans in line to take him back.

Napier and Harley are working together to bring down Batman.  In the last issue Napier got Mad Hatter’s ability to control people and took control over the villains.  He lured out Batman and had him fall right into his traps.  The traps drive Batman off the rails and Napier is able to grab more evidence of Batman being a danger to Gotham.    

Napier uncovered some documents about how much Batman costs the city each year and holds a press conference.  Batman costs Gotham $3 billion a year to clean up and fix Gotham after Batman deals with the villains.

Bruce is still taking care of Alfred as he is unable to find a cure for Alfred.  Mr. Freeze helped hook Alfred up to delay the illness like Freeze did with his wife Nora.  However, Alfred is given it through an IV rather than being enclosed in a tube.  Alfred is able to move around but is mostly asleep.  After the events of this issue Batman looks to take his justice to a new level of brutality.

This comic is amazing.  Batman is a guy who is always in control of his emotions and actions.  He may have an outburst from time to time, but he is always able to bring it back under control.  However, in this series we see him start to unravel.  Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon are really worried for Bruce, but he may be too far gone.

An interesting thing was done in this series.  In this universe Jason Todd was Robin before Dick Grayson.  I am not sure if they did this on purpose of if they just forgot Batman lore, but it is interesting.

An incredibly touching scene happened between Bruce and Alfred in this issue.  The scene really made the issue for me.  This scene could have been the only page in the issue and I would still be happy.  It hit me right in my soft spot and it was really touching.

This series is as close to perfect as any comic can get.  The story is well thought out and compelling.  Art is top notch and never lets me down.  Every panel is dark and gritty and adds to the feel of Batman becoming darker and more violent.

My only complaint is that each issue ends.  It may be a good idea to wait until the series is collected and read it then because you won’t want to wait until the next issue.








Written by: Sean Murphy

Art by:  Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by: Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 12/06/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: DC Comics

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