If you haven’t heard already, Blizzard is launching the first major global esports league with city based teams called the Overwatch League. There are a total of 12 teams across 11 cities, with Los Angeles housing two teams. Although the main season doesn’t start until Jan 10th, the preseason begins this week starting Dec 6th and it will all take place at Blizzard’s new esports arena in Burbank, Claifornia.

I was very excited to hear about the announcement of the Overwatch League back in November during the Blizzcon 2017 closing ceremony and decided to research my two home teams: Los Angeles Gladiators and Los Angeles Valiants.

According to league roster requirements, all of the teams have no region locking in terms of place of birth or home country of any player and must have at least 6 players and no more than 12. This means that the members of the Los Angeles team are not necessarily from California or even the United States for that matter. All of the teams have a mixture of different nationalities.

The Gladiator team is made up of 7 players: Surefour (Lane Roberts from Calgary, CA), Shaz (Jonas Samuel Suovaara from Jyväskylä, FI), iRemiix (Luis Galarza Figueroa from Barceloneta, PR), Hydration (Joao Pedro Veloso de Goes Telles from Monte Claros, BR), Bischu (Hyung Seok Kim from Seoul, KR), BigGOOse (Benjamin Ville Aapeli Isohanni from Kokkola, FI), and Asher (Jun-Sung Choi from Ulsan, KR).

The Valiant team is made up of 11 players: Verbo (Stefano Disalvo from Toronto, CA) Unkoe (Benjamin Chevasson from Nevers, FR), Space (Indy Halpern from New York City, NY, US), Soon (Terence Tarlier from Hangest-En-Santerre, FR) Silkthread (Ted Wang from Katy, TX, US), Numlocked (Sebastion Barton from Leamington Spa, GB), Kariv (Young-Seo Park from Seoul, KR), Grimreality (Christopher Schafer from Chico, CA, US), Fate (Pan-Seung Koo from Seoul, KR), Envy (Kang-Jae Lee from Seoul, KR), and Agilities (Brady Girargi from Blairmore, CA).

As mentioned before, Preseason starts December 6th and continues through December 9th. During Wednesday and Thursday, each team will play one game with the results determining the schedule for Friday and Saturday. Times below are listed in PST.


The main season Stage 1 starts January 10th and will continue through February 10th, kicking off the beginning of the Overwatch League.


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Are you excited about the upcoming Overwatch League season and which teams are you planning on rooting for? Let us know in the comments below! Markus Granlund Authentic Jersey