EXCLUSIVE: Victor And Monty Are Set To Have A Satisfying Storyline In POWER RANGERS Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel just finished airing its first season on Nickelodeon and Victor (played by Chris Reid) and Monty (played by Caleb Bendit), the side characters and foils at times to our Rangers, played an important part of the story that leads to the finale. The neo-Saban era of Power Rangers has seen its side characters before. In Samurai we had Bulk (played by Paul Schrier) and Spike (played by Felix Ryan), whose characters didn’t really pay off throughout the two-season run of the show.

When Peter Sudarso, who plays the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger Preston,  stopped by on That Hashtag Show’s LIVE Power Rangers Ninja Steel After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up last week for the finale he talked about how Victor and Monty’s characters will pay off in Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel and you’ll actually get to see them interact with the Rangers. After we exclaimed that Victor and Monty really pay off in the penultimate episode of this season, Sudarso responded.

“That’s the one thing I do love about the whole thing. It pays off even more, continually”. He went on to clarify, “There story actually ties in. For the past couple of episodes, if you guys have been watching it’s like, Vic and Monty. Side nuisance. They’re really funny, but side nuisance, for the storyline anyway. Later on, it actually becomes like, Rangers interacting with Vic and Monty instead of Vic and Monty go do B story and have their own thing, and somehow semi-link back to the story of Ninja Steel.”

That great news to hear. We think Vic and Monty can be used better than for just fart jokes. Both actors, Reid and Bendit, respectively shine through in these roles and we’re happy to hear that they’ll be playing a bigger part in the overall storyline next season. The Power Rangers hardcore audience is polarized on the characters but we think this next season could help sway that for the better. If you want to check out what Peter has to say, watch last weeks Ranger Wrap-Up on the Power Rangers Ninja Steel Season Finale.

What do you guys think of Victor and Monty getting involved in the overall storyline for Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel? Leave a message in the comments below.

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