EXCLUSIVE: Super Sentai Gokaiger Easter Eggs Confirmed In POWER RANGERS Hyper Force

Power Rangers Hyper Force is geared more towards long-time Power Rangers fans with the Hyper Force Rangers running into Rangers from the past including Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger (played by Erin Cahill) and Aisha Campbell (played by Karan Ashley), the second Yellow Mighty Morphin’ Ranger. We can expect more Rangers to pop up on the show during the 25 episode run, but Red Hyper Force Ranger, Peter Sudarso, who plays Marv may confirmed a easter egg that pays homage to Power Rangers Japanese counterparts, Super Sentai.

This comes in the form of the popular Sentai series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, who’s American adaption was Power Rangers Super Megaforce. When Peter was a guest on THS’ Power Rangers After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up, we asked him if there was any hints to The Super Sentai series and here’s what he had to say about the connection.

“Oh, definitely! 100%. I think I’ve said it before. I’ve named him Marvelous because, one, this whole thing, even though it’s a time-space thing, Time Force is set in a place that is so, so far in the future. They have aliens. Trip (Power Rangers Time Force), was an alien, you know, and all that stuff. So, I figured the space theme, if he’s going to be the Red Ranger, he’s probably going to be putting on the cowl of the leader at one of these points, and what do you call the leader of the team? The Captain. So he would be Captain Marvelous. And Marvelous is something that he actually has a nickname that he doesn’t actually really like. So, if you watch the show and sometimes when everyone calls him Marvelous, he’s not fond of it, because it’s something that you’ll find out later why.”

Calling Marv Captain Marvelous is a clever way to pay respects to the Sentai series. We’ve seen past season pay homage to Sentai with Sentai 6, a planet that Lord Arcanon destroyed in Power Rangers Dino Charge and Koda, played by Peter Sudarso’s brother, Yoshi, humming the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger theme. Then again, this could be the Sudarso brothers giving a big wink to the hardcore fanbase. Either way, we love the references. Keep them coming! What are your favorite Super Sentai references in Power Rangers? Leave a message in the comments below. If your a Power Rangers fan, check out our Power Rangers show on YouTube, The Ranger Wrap-Up!


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