STAR WARS THEORY: Will there be a female Knights of Ren?

Since it’s clear Lucasfilm’s agenda is to push for more female and ethnic characters, people are left wondering what will happen on the dark side of things. We are well aware of our light side women but what about the dark side?

There are quite a few canon women who walk on the dark side like Ventress, Mother Talzin and her daughters, and The 7th Sister. Of course, we have some non-force sensitive women like Captain Phasma, The First Order women, and the newly introduced female stormtrooper who’s the face of the new installment of Battlefront, Iden Versio. But what will happen to the force sensitive girls?

In the shots we’ve seen of the Knights of Ren, we assume they’re a band of men but maybe that isn’t the case. Not all of the Star Wars women have a feminine stance or body language.

Will Kathleen Kennedy want a woman thrown into the mix? We wait to see what the Knights of Ren are and who they are.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 14th, 2017.

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