STAR WARS: Does Luke’s Red Sith Kyber Crystal Belong To Vader?

It’s not just Snoke who has a flair for accessories.

Luke Skywalker will be rocking a whole new series of outfits and extras in Episode 8.

One of the most highly anticipated is the red kyber crystal. This has been rumored for months but has finally been officially shown for the first time.

Where did he get it and why is he using a Dark Side crystal?

The first look has been leaked and shows the red crystal shard embedded in a metal setting on a woven leather chain.

Early reports had suggested that it could be a fragment from Darth Vader’s shattered lightsaber.

A recent comment from the filmmakers stated that it actually belonged to an ancient Jedi. Could they actually mean Snoke?

The pendant is one of a series of important artifacts Luke has been collecting. Star Wars Battlefront 2 just revealed that the Jedi traveled to Palpatine’s secret vaults at the observatory on Pillio and retrieved a mystical compass.

The compass is believed to be how he is searching for something incredibly important on Ahch-To. Was he looking for the red kyber crystal?

New comments from Andy Serkis and Rian Johnson in Entertainment Weekly have started to explore Snoke’s background and motivations.

Some fans now believe that Snoke could be one of the ancient Whills. Luke has been reading the Journal of the Whills on Ahch-To. Luke is learning that both the Dark Side and Light are needed for balance. Could he also have found or been given the red kyber crystal as part of his own journey?

Others believe Snoke is an ancient Jedi or Sith from the times of the Old Republic. Has Luke found Snoke’s own crystal?

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