STAR WARS: Did You Notice Whats In Snoke’s Throne Room??

Just how powerful is Snoke?

The mysterious First Order leader finally appeared in the recent Last Jedi trailers and he seems to demonstrate terrifying strength as he tortures Rey. But is he actually torturing her or draining her power, like a vampire? The latest TV teaser clip gives the first clear look at Snoke and his Praetorian Guards in his throne room. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted two machines that are hugely important and explain how the ancient and “vulnerable” creature is able to channel so much Force power and also how he sent that impressive hologram all the way across the galaxy to Starkiller Base.

The recent flurry of merchandise has already revealed that Snoke wears a huge black kyber crystal ring. This is believed to be one important way he is able to boost his own control of the Force. The ancient evil being also relies on incredible technology, like many Sith before him. The latest short TV teaser gave fans the first clear look at two machines that give him incredible extra strength but may also limit him and be the key to his vulnerability. Is there a reason he is never seen off his throne? Is this a huge vulnerability that even Andy Serkis has mentioned before?

Star Wars Youtube channel Mike Zeroh believes the machine to the right of Snoke’s throne is a way to drain the Force power from those around him and store it to prolong his life and augment his own powers. The machine to the side of his throne was partially visible in a behind-the-scenes shot of Rey and Rian Johnson. It has also been seen as a toy, with some kind of bright energy (presumably the Force) pulsing inside. It was already rumored that Snoke’s Praetorian Guard willingly allowed their master to ‘leech’ their strength. The new machine adds weight to the theory that Snoke will also try and drain Rey’s incredible powers from her. The second machine above the throne is believed to be the way Snoke communicates via hologram. Zeroh says:

“It is a device that allows him to project himself as a hologram… It fully scans his whole entire throne in a three-dimensional format.”

Both machines are impressive but highlight how reliant the First Order leader is on this technology.It seems likely that he needs to stay close to the Force energy machine to maintain his strength, and probably his actual life.


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