We knew that after the film premiered that we’d be getting this major detail about Superman’s return sooner or later. This might be one of the juiciest spoilers from Justice League yet. Now, we must warn you, this is a massive spoiler. If you don’t want to know how Superman returns STOP READING NOW. You’ve been warned.

Everyone is expecting the Man Of Steel’s return to be somewhat divisive, but after reading the breakdown of the scene by WeGotThisCovered.com, we now know why:

“His resurrection comes courtesy of a number of factors, namely the genesis pool from his Kryptonian ship, an Apokoliptian Motherbox and a spark provided by The Flash. Once they got this figured out, the League get out the shovels for some good old-fashioned bodysnatchin’ and exhume his corpse. Fortunately, his Kryptonian DNA means he hasn’t decomposed, so they zap him back to life. Unfortunately for the team, though, Superman is a little grumpy and confused about being returned to the world of the living, something not helped by Cyborg’s defence systems zapping him.”

This will apparently lead to a short fight between Supes and the Justice League which is quickly diffused the presence of Lois Lane. Then the newly replenished Superman joins the Justice League in their fight with Steppenwolf. We’ll see it for ourselves this weekend when Justice League hits theaters.


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