Rick and Morty Review: Getting Schwifty Blows My Stupid Feeble Mind

*only mild spoilers in here, nothing to break you*


for those who don’t watch or don’t know, its about a spaztastic kid going on intergalactic adventures with his completely nihilistic gram-pa via portal gun that takes them through space and infinite realities.

I avoided Rick and Morty for the longest time, with infinite excuses to go with it (too weird, the fans suck, who cares about Schezwan sauce, and so on).  I finally decided to bite the bullet and forced myself to watch at least the first season.

The next day, I find myself watching the 2nd, demanding that I watch the 3rd with no sleep.  But life has a way of telling you you need to do other things inside.  I ended up watching Rick and Morty in just a few days time.

It’s good.  It’s so good, it’s too good.

It’s cool to quote and watch the show.  But Rick and Morty forces you to think about it.  This small example is just one of may mind blowing things that have kept me up at night.

Beth: I feel like I’ve spent my life pretending you’re a great guy and trying to be like you. And the ugly truth has always been…

Rick: That I’m not that great a guy and you’re exactly like me.

Beth: Am I evil?

Rick: Worse, you’re smart. When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. And I’ve never met a universe that was into it. The universe is basically an animal, it grazes on the ordinary. It creates infinite idiots, just to eat them…

There’s several of these holy s*it moments in this show.

there are also some seriously hard feel moments in this show from Rick himself.  More often than not we see Rick sacrifice himself for his family time and time again.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so get to the end of season two and see it for yourself.

So many Rick and Morty’s!

Much of the story lines revolve around the concept of infinite universes, and the science that goes along with it.  We follow C-137 universe, which are the special Rick and Morty because they are the “Rickest Rick and the Mortyiest Morty”.  We get to see what that means time and time again (with a really awesome pokemon type app game to back up the concept)

Pure Nihilism

Rick is the embodiment of complete chaos.  The episodes themselves are semi-episodic, with callbacks to other episode timelines (again dont wanna spoil anything).  We get several moments of 4th wall breaking in the show, and there isn’t a single episode that winds up the same way. (unless you count the jump cut episodes, which are totally worth the watch)


There’s literally no reason for Pickle Rick to be a thing, but he’s the best thing about season 3

Weird Science

All the science in the show is based on things like string theory, and the looser theories of time and space, which is super cool in that Star Trek kind of vibe.  Pictured below is about an episode centered around fractured reality!

Family Matters, but not Really

Rick with all of his nihilistic qualities, still cares about his family to an extent, even though he puts them through all kinds of things (the first season alone your in for a crazy headspin).  he doesn’t entirely admit to the things he feels about his family directly, but we get to see it in the sub context of it all.

A Plethora of Characters

Bird Person, Squanchy, Mr poopybutthole (yup, actually though).  There are so many alien types in this show it’s impossible to keep up with them all, and at the same time they are mostly expendable characters.  Seeing what the creators come up with every episode keeps me glued to the chair.

They Really go Above and Beyond

And I mean that they go places oft times that we don’t really understand.  Doing things without reason and context is a staple of the Rick and Morty universe.  It’s isolating at times, to feel like your just along for the ride, rather than finding yourself within the characters.

Final Review

There’s so much more I want to say about Rick and Morty that go way beyond the surface.  But I don’t think my explanations can really do it justice as to explain it would be nearly impossible.  The dialogue is smart, overall feeling is something new and incredible.  Hopefully 4th season wont take as long as the last one.

Verdict: 5/5 Hashtag’s!  This is a must see!

you can find seasons 1 and 2 on hulu, and you can find episodes to stream on




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