Rejected POWER RANGERS Movie Suit Concepts Revealed

New Artwork has been released by artist Ian Joyner (@ianjoynerart) that were rejected concept designs for 2017’s Power Rangers.  The concept helmets are very close to the final product that Dean Israelite and Lionsgate released back in March.
One of the most discussed things with the new Power Ranger suits is how indistinguishable they were from the 1993 counterparts. Four out of the five helmets barely resembled the dinosaur zords.

The new blue ranger helmet is more like the triceratops helmet from the 90’s. Complete with horns and shamed more like the dinosaur’s head.

While the yellow ranger’s Saber tooth tiger helmet can be seen with ears and and eyes.

And the black ranger features his iconic tusks and trunk.


What do you think of the rejected concepts suits? Do you think we might see these upgraded helmets in a future sequel?


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