EXCLUSIVE: How Did POWER RANGERS Hyper Force Come To Be?

Power Rangers Hyper Force is a breath of fresh air if you’re a hardcore Power Rangers fan. Sometimes the fan base has felt neglected by Saban or sometimes things with the franchise have good intentions but are poorly executed. So far, Power Rangers Hyper Force is not one of them. For those of you that don’t know what Power Rangers Hyper Force is, it’s an immersive Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG that takes place in the Time Force timeline. The Hyper Force Rangers will cross time and dimensions throughout the series, running into characters from the past. We’ve already seen past Rangers on the Hyper RPG‘s show like Jen Scotts portrayed by Erin Cahill and Aisha Campbell portrayed by Karan Ashley.

We recently had Peter Sudarso, who portrays Marvin, the Red Hyper Force Ranger, on our Power Rangers After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up. Sudarso is deeply rooted in Power Rangers. He is also currently the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel and his brother was the Blue Dino Charge Ranger, Koda, in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Peter talks about how he and his brother wanted to pitch a Power Rangers PRG to Saban and how Hyper Force ended up coming to life on Hyper RPG. Here’s what Peter had to say:

“First, originally me and Yoshi (Sudarso) wanted to create our own. We were going to call it Task Force Defenders, all that stuff. Long story short, things with Saban, this thing came up. Long story short, we got in the door through Saban meeting us for Hyper Force, and then Yoshi was gone so then I was like, should I even still consider doing this? And I was like, yeah, I should, because it’s something that I wanted to do, and wanted to tackle anyway. It’s something isn’t there yet. It’s a Ranger show for fans, made by fans. That’s why I feel like it’s got more, I guess, the feels that you want to grasp as a fan.”

THS went on to ask who pitched the idea of Power Rangers Hyper Force and Peter was open about it that the actual pitch for Hyper Force was not his idea. “The idea pitching was not me, at all.”  He went on to explain:

“I pitched the idea for the idea for the Task Force Defenders to Saban and they were already doing something with HyperRPG. That was already in the works, and I was like, dang it! Beat me to it! But, at that point, I was like, huh, if they beat me to it I could probably still meet up with them. You know? So, Saban linked me up with them and then we talked, and then they were like, oh, you know, you’d be great to be apart of our consultation team. And as we talked more, and more, and more, I continuously kind of, I guess, kept being involved. Me being eager, I’m the type of person that’s like… I’m not like a 50% of the way kind of thing if I get involved with something. I dive in. I’m 100% or no percent. So when they started talking about the teams and themes and stuff I was like, oh that’s so cool! If you guys are gonna do like, Time Force, you guys should call it Time Force X, which is the first concept that I pitched to them.”

It’s great to know that Peter cares about the Power Rangers franchise and want to see it expand. HyperRPG has done a tremendous job at incorporating some of the things we love from the past but giving us a sense of nostalgia but also infusing with updated storytelling that is on par or if not better than more recent seasons of the show. You can catch Hyper Force on HyperRPG on Tuesday nights, live, at 6:30 PST on Twitch. You can also catch our weekly Power Rangers After Show, The Ranger Wrap-Up on LIVE on Saturday’s on THS’ YouTube channel.




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