POWER RANGERS Dino Charge’s Brennan Mejia Want Hyper Force To Give Fans The Team-Up That Never Happened

Power Rangers Dino Charge was the perfect opportunity for an epic team-up between the Rangers that started it all, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and the Dino Thunder cast not only because they are all tied together with the Dinosaur themes, but because Saban could have used footage from the Japanese counterpart, Super Sentai. Though most would argue that the majority of Dino Charge was a good season, fans would not be treated to this epic team-up. Now, with Power Rangers Hyper Force running strong on HyperRPG, and past Rangers like Erni Cahill and Karan Ashley reprising their roles of Jen Scotts from Time Force and Aisha Campbell from Mighty Morphin‘ respectively, Brennan Mejia, who played Tyler, the Red Dino Charge Ranger, would like to see the team-up that never happened take place.

While speaking with Brennan in an interview with THS, he expressed that he’d like to see the Hyper Force Rangers move into different dimensions and even further in time. Here’s what Mejia had to say.

“What I’d like to see next is them (Hyper Force) going through time and basically recruiting the movie that never was, that a lot of fans ask for. The Dino Charge, Dino Thunder, MMPR crossover. That’d be awesome, so Hyper Force, get on it!”

Hyper Force seems to have a lot up their sleeve and fans have taken well to the RPG style idea where Saban isn’t really limited to budgetary restraints. Even though Saban wouldn’t really have the restriction of the budget to deal with, Mejia knows that gather all of those former Rangers wouldn’t be an easy task seeing that the Dino Charge cast had ten rangers alone.

“Even if you had a couple of representatives. Because I know all ten of mine would be kind of hard, but you know, it’s possible.”

If Hyper Force were to bring in Austin St. John, who played Jason, the original Red Ranger, or Steve Cardenas, who played Rocky, the second Red Ranger, alongside James Naiper Robertson, who played, Conner the Red Dino Thunder Ranger, or even all of the Dino Thunder Rangers, it would make a lot of fans very satisfied. Hyper Force could also solidify its spot as the answer for the long-neglected hardcore Power Rangers fanbase if things like this were to happen. Peter Sudarso, who portrays Marv on Power Ranger Hyper Force looks at this for the fans by the fans, and if Saban managed to pull together a crossover like this then that would mean they are truly listening to the fans. Would you guys like to see this happen in Hyper Force? Leave a message in the comments below.

Also, if you want to stay up to date with everything trending in Power Rangers check out our Power Rangers After Show on our YouTube channel, The Ranger Wrap-Up.


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