Phillip Jeanmarie From POWER RANGERS Wild Force Originally Auditioned For Lightspeed Rescue

The Power Rangers Universe could have looked a lot different. We’ve heard in the past other Rangers auditioning for a different season, but eventually being cast for the season they’ve appeared in. This is the case with the likes of Peter Sudarso, Azik Rizk, Danny Southworth and many more. This also seems to be the case for Phillip Jeanmarie who portrayed Max in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Phillip is now a dad and focused on raising his family sat down with THS and talked about his experience while he was auditioning for Power Rangers. He also touches on originally auditioning for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for either the role of Joel or Chad. We think Jeanmarie was a perfect fit for Max on Wild Force and really brought that character to life.

THS: Hey guys what’s up I am Darrel with That Hashtag Show andIi am here with Phillip Jean Marie the blue wild force ranger max what is up?

Phillip Jeanmarie: What up?

THS: So let’s jump into the thing that everyone knows you for, Blue Wild Force Ranger. So what was the audition process like how did you fall into this? Did you watch Power Rangers as a kid and did you know what you were getting into?

Phillip Jeanmarie: Yes, I  did. I audition for Lightspeed Rescue. That was my first audition came close I was going to be a Ranger but then they decided last minute not to go with me and went in a different direction from that i was told by my manager. Two years pass by and another opportunity comes to audition for Power Rangers. Did it and I auditioned in Santa Clarita that was when I was driving my mom’s Chevy Nova, it was like a beat up car. It got you from point a to point b, but I remember on my last audition driving my mom’s car and it straight breaks down. Like, thankfully after the audition not before the audition but I see a friend on the road I’m like “yo whats up” and then literally my transmission gives out and I am coasting on the freeway trying not to die. Pull over to the side triple a bla bla bla and i got the gig so i was able to get a new car.

THS: That’s a nice turn of events “ oh I’m about to die oh I’m a Power Ranger now. So, on the show, you were treated as the kid, Max. Is that what you were like with the cast could you relate to that in real life at the time?

Phillip Jeanmarie: Um, yeah. In certain aspects, we were all kinda the same age. Definitely that wasn’t the group dynamic that we had but yeah that’s a great question it was cool I think that was just a part of the storyline that just kinda stuck. That was kinda the ongoing themes on the Power Rangers yeah I hope that answers your question.

THS: No, it’s totally fine. Like just you know, were you. On set were you the “hey what’s up kid” I don’t know.

Philip Jeanmarie: No not really. You know what I mean? We were all just kinda yeah, we were all equals and I feel like we had mutual respect for one another. We were really interested in the process. The process is a lot different from what it is now in terms of shooting. We had one camera they would go do you coverage do one line then do your coverage. It was a lot of start and stop, start, and stop, as an actor, it kinda messed with your vibe trying to get into that workflow. You literally have to go to 0 to 100 just for that one second.

THS: Yeah.  I totally understand i am an actor myself so I like I get your struggle.

Phillip Jeanmarie: It was tricky, but once you learn to work it out and make it work for you it was fun. It was a fun process it was just a great process to be shooting out in LA. I am from LA and there is alot about LA that I didn’t know about thanks to Power Rangers when we go to different locations all over the place. Vasquez Rocks, Ojai. You know? Places I wouldn’t think of going but had to go because of the show it was great for me rediscovering LA.

THS: Is there anyplace that you were introduced to by Power Rangers that is now like your favorite spots to go? And go back to and are like “ yeah I shot here”?

Phillip Jeanmarie: I would have to say Descanso it was La Cañada Flintridge. Shooting there it’s just a beautiful place. I recommend it you should check it out. I highly recommend it you should check it out Its a place where you want to take your family or a special someone. Yeah i would say that place is super cool.

THS:  Cool. Cool. So, like what are you up to now what’s happening in the life of Phillip Jeanmarie?

Phillip Jeanmarie: I am a dad. I am a full time dad. I got a five year old who will be six. And daughter is going to be two. Just doing that busy being a parent which is a lot of work but very rewarding I love my kids. Just doing that, and as far as acting, I just shot an independent film that should be coming out towards the end of the year called Disruptive and then doing some voiceover work trying to crack into that.

THS: I can help with that to.

Phillip Jeanmarie: Let’s go, bro! Come on! So, you know, just trying to survive just trying to stay a float.

THS: I know the feeling.

Phillip Jeanmarie: Let’s come out with our own show bro. Voice over Power Rangers.

THS: “Here we go.”

Phillip Jeanmarie: “Thats right.”

THS: “It’s Morphin Time.”

Phillip Jeanmarie:”It is lets morph now”… Man, that’s horrible sorry.

THS: How do your kids feel about you being the Blue Ranger? How do they come to terms with like “ oh yeah my dad’s a Power Ranger?”

Phillip Jeanmarie: It’s crazy. I think my son he is proud but he’s just like “ yeah, he’s a Power Ranger” in kindergarten he tells his friends and they are like “whoa” but he is just kinda like yeah that’s my dad. Which I love. It keeps me grounded. I don’t want him to look up to me like that. My daughter she doesnt get it yet she’s not even  2.

If you want to hear more Power Rangers Talk check out The Ranger Wrap-Up on our YouTube Channel. This week’s guest was another Blue Ranger, Peter Sudarso talking about the finale of Power Rangers Ninja Steel!

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