Mark Hamill Reveals He’s Still Upset About A Scene From The Empire Strikes Back

When Mark Hamill isn’t fond of something concerning his the classic character he portrayed, Luke Skywalker rest assured that it would make the news, but who would have thought the actor had such a soft spot for Wampa’s? While on National Cake Day, a fan tweeted a cake resembling a severed Wampa arm. Here was Hamill’s response.

Of course, everyone remembers the scene from The Empire Strikes Back with Luke on the ice planet Hoth being captured by a Wompa and in order to not because the beasts next meal severed its limb with his lightsaber. The “unnecessary cruelty” for the Wampa still upsets Hamill til this day, and no, he’s not joking.

Hamill even defended his stance with a few responses. One fan brought up the difference in the book where he uses the Force on the Wampa’s mind, and Hamill responded with, “My acting was much better in the book.”  Another fan challenged Hamill on his stance, stating the actor was wrong because character’s penchant for bullseye-ing womp rats. Here’s what Hamill responded:

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