Major Marvel Author Leaves For DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis has left Marvel to write for DC comics.

Bendis has written for Marvel for almost 18 years.  He is responsible for creating new and beloved characters like Miles Morales Spider-Man and Jessica Jones.  Bendis is also responsible for an 111 issue run on Ultimate Spider-Man.  He was also a key player in creating the Marvel Ultimate Universe with his Spider-Man run.  Benis has won five Eisner comic book awards.

Tuesday morning DC Comics announced Bendis has signed a multi-year exclusivity deal with them via twitter.  They also said in that tweet it was a multi-faceted deal which I have no idea what that means and I even looked up facet.  A facet is a side or area so that means many-sided deal or Bendis will work in multiple areas, but what does that include?

 Could Bendis be developing a TV show or overseeing a project?  However, it could just be some buzz word that sounds cool so they included multi-faceted in the tweet.

Bendis retweeted DC and confirmed that this announcement is true and talked about how excited he is to be working with DC.  

The three big questions resulting from this announcement are what will he be doing exactly over at DC, when will he start and what will happen to his four ongoing series?  

Benis is currently writing Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Defenders.  Are this series going to be wrapped up soon?  Comics are written well in advance so Bendis could have already written the conclusions of each series.  

However, if the series are taken over by another writer will Spider-Man and Jessica Jones be as well?  Bendis created both Jones and Morales and it would be interesting to see other writers take on the characters.  Marvel owns both characters so they could absolutely have someone write their comics.  I think they will, but will they take over the series or start with a new number 1?

Bendis is one of the most popular writers today so this is very big news and I am excited to see what he is going to introduce to DC.  A Batman comic or new hero may not be far off in the future.  Bendis wrote my favorite X-Men runs in the last 10 years and totally changed the X-Men universe by pulling the ‘60s X-Men into the present.  He could have have just as big of an impact on the DC universe.   I am very excited to see what happens in the future.

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