Leading Clans Across the Gaming Spectrum – From Casual Guilds to the Hardcore Raiders

From getting together to slay some goblins or entering the orderless fray of PVP, if you’re looking lead a clan and grow a dynasty, we’ve got the rundown for you. Here are three types of fellowships, and the leaders needed to keep them in shape.

The Filthy Casuals

Clans are the glue that holds any MMO together. Players with similar goals, interests or aims join up under the same banner, and, for all intents and purposes, head out to kick some massively-multiplayer-online ass. It’s awesome. It’s the best part of many online games. But not everyone has the time or dedication to play for multiple hours a day. If your guild is more of a common-or-garden variety type deal, then there are a few things you can do to keep it running casual without a hitch as a leader.

First off, be accessible. A friendly, welcoming guild is likely to have a high turnaround of players. Make sure the newbies know who they can go to, who’s the boss, and try and be on a first name-tag basis with your battle buddies. Build a sense of community. Get to know one another. If you like RP, RP. If people like questing, organize some quests. The beauty of a casual guild is a lack of pressure or time constraints, something we’ll come on too soon elsewhere, so make use of it! As a casual clan leader, you’re a peacemaker. You’re everyone’s best friend, and you’re the keystone of the community.

Type 2 – The Half and Halves

There’s an odd subset of MMO players out there who have the skills and passion for competitive play, but who might not have the time to commit fully to online gaming. One study recently found that the average person has just 4 hours of true free time a day. Factor in relationships, family and external hobbies, and gaming could be the nice guy that finishes last for a lot of these people.

So you have the half-half guild: players that can raid and PVP with the best of them, but only between 2-4 on Friday afternoon while the wife and kids are out at karate class. When running a guild full of semi-committal players like this, organization is key. Plan, communicate and set firm dates for when clan members will be online together – and be sure to do this all well in advance. In this situation, you’re half taskmaster and half office manager. In order to get a good clan session in, you’ll need to balance the two alongside being a friend and player yourself. Nobody ever said leadership was easy!

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Raid, Rinse, Repeat: A Clan for the Professionals

Type 3. The full-timers. The pros. You want to be, or already are, some of the best of the best. You have the time and the skill, you just need to be united under one banner and organized efficiently. To lead a competitive clan, you’ve got to run a tight ship. Consider delegating responsibility, having “tiers” of leadership, and maintaining a hierarchy so that everyone’s role is clear. Think of your group as a kind of mini-government. You as leader are President Vikingslayer29, and your heads of state are the next step down, able to plan and organize just like type 2 above. To earn your fellow gamers respect, you’ll have to act according to your station. Decide the kind of clan president you are, and be firm in the way you want to run things. With time and consistency, your clan will be at the top of the leaderboards in no time.

So there it is: three types of clan and three ways to lead according to their type. Try not to stress! It can be intimidating, but give the organization time and leadership will soon come naturally. Vikingslayer29 will be a name for the ages before you know it.

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