EXCLUSIVE: We’ll Find Out Where Tommy Is In The POWER RANGERS Universe Next Year

This weekend, we’ll be seeing the season finale of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and next year we’ll be ushering in Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel for its iconic 25th Anniversary. That’s right, Power Rangers has been around for a quarter century. Many surprises for the franchise are in store for longtime fans, but one rumor that keeps popping up is the return of Jason David Frank for the 25 Anniversary episode. If JDF is involved in the anniversary he’s been keeping pretty quiet, but he did mention something to us at New York Comic-Con that caught our attention.

While speaking with That Hashtag Show, JDF does elude to the fact that we should be finding out Tommy Oliver’s current whereabouts next year.

THS: One thing that I have to ask and I forgot to ask you the last time we talked was where do you think Tommy is now in the Power Ranger universe?

JDF: Well, I think at this point currently, I think maybe next year we will all find out where Tommy is in the current universe. I have a few people working on some stuff just trying to figure out where would Tommy be, you know what I mean? And we are kind of putting all together and throwing it together to see so maybe next year we will find out where Tommy is gonna be.

This isn’t a confirmation that Jason David Frank will be returning to the series as Tommy, but it is a strong indication that he will be. The 25th anniversary is planning a year-long celebration for the long-running show and many past Rangers are set to return, with Ciara Hanna possibly being one of them along with Jason Faunt, who was recently teased he could possibly be coming back when he was on ComicBook.com. We can only hope that whatever Saban has planned for the 25th-anniversary episode of Power Rangers it will be a team-up to remember.

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