Jason David Frank Is Looking For A Sense Of Completion With The Tommy Character On POWER RANGERS

Tommy Oliver, who was played by Jason David Frank, is most recognizable Power Ranger in the show’s 24-year-old history and has appeared in more episodes than any other character. In the past, the franchise has relied on the character of Tommy, by using him throughout Power Rangers history to give the show a shot in the arm. Now, looking to the future, Frank would like to have Tommy’s story have a bit of completion when the dust settles. If JDF had it his way, he’d like to have a solo adventure to complete the iconic Ranger’s journey. When we spoke with JDF at New York Comic-Con here’s what he had to say on the matter:

You know, I have so many different Rangers under my belt. I’m always there to support the brand. I would still like to work on something that’s kind of a solo project. Still trying to work on something like that, even if it was a solo project for a while or solo project like Logan to retire. You know what I mean? So, I’m still looking for that completion that sense of completion for my character. I’m down for whatever it’s just, you know, for me, when it comes to Power Rangers, it’s not about the money, it’s not about anything, it’s about what the fans want.”

Frank told us that next year we’d be seeing where his character is in the Power Rangers universe, so we assume that if he does return for the 25th-anniversary episode he’ll leave next seasons Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel with his story still incomplete in his eyes. Maybe Saban will start to cater a little more to long-time, hardcore fans and give us an older Tommy who could run into Lord Drakkon, from the Boom Studios comics, in the web-series that JDF and all of us fans are clamoring for. The likelihood of that happening seems pretty doubtful. Frank told us he wouldn’t be sure who could carry his torch for the franchise since they changed the way Saban does Power Rangers seasons from when JDF started with the series, but he’d love to pass it to someone new. There are still some good stories to tell with the character of Tommy Oliver, but when he does eventually plan on hanging up the helmet, we hope the story is an epic one.

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