The Gang Gets Back Together In Nightwing: The New Order #4

Dick Grayson was saved at the end of the last issue by a mysterious pair of heroes.  We find out who they are and why they did it in Nightwing: The New Order #4.

Grayson was in a fight with Green Lantern.  He was winning the fight early on, but Green Lantern started getting the upper hand.  Wally West Flash and a red haired woman who turns out to be Starfire rescue him.  He is taken in to recover from the fight.

We find out the group who rescued Grayson is the Teen Titans along with Lois Lane who is a Blue Lantern.  The group is now known as the Titans and they are the main rebel group against Grayson’s Crusaders.  The Titans consist of Beast Boy, Wally West Flash, Cyborg, Lois Lane and Starfire.

Starfire and Grayson are reunited after she left him and their son, Jake.  She agreed with Grayson’s decision to take away everyone’s powers, but as time went on she changed her mind.   She also began to see Grayson change as he hunted down metas and it reminded her of her time as a slave.  He always made Starfire feel free, but after he started to hunt metas she began to feel like a prisoner again.

As this is going on Kate Kane and Jake begin to talk about his powers and what will happen next to him.  We already knew the inhibitor meds didn’t work on him, but there is more to it than that.  Jake was taken into custody before Grayson could even take a breath and think about the situation.

Jake was moved on so quickly because he is not only resistant to treatment but his body is actively finding the meds.  His body could be the cure for all the metas without their powers.

I really am enjoying this series and this issue is no different.  We get a little plot development and why Starfire left.  Her reason for leaving is not very good, but at least we know where she is.  It would be really cool if we could explore more of this universe.  

A cool little touch they did was with Beast Boy.  When Grayson set off the device Beast Boy was mid-transformation.  He now has a humanoid tiger appearance.  It doesn’t look like he can transform at all anymore.

Each issue ends with a big reveal and this has one too.  Only two issues after this and I am excited to see this story wrap up.  However, I really want to see more stuff in this universe.  Jake narrates portions of the series so he must survive, but this also means he could somehow come back into the regular DC universe.

This comic’s greatness is why DC should do more elseworld stories.  However, they have been doing a few lately and hopefully they continue.  I am always really excited when I see another Nightwing: The New Order is available.  






Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by:  Trevor McCarthy and Dean White

Cover by:  Trevor McCarthy

Release: 11/22/2017

Issue: 4

Publisher: DC Comics


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