EXCLUSIVE: Will There Ever Be Another Character As Popular As Tommy On POWER RANGERS? Jason David Frank Weighs In

Tommy is the most popular Power Ranger in franchise history. Kids were already eating up the show before his arrival, but when we heard that Dragon Dagger flute and saw that gold shield that sent us over the top. Jason David Frank has the most appearances of any other character on the show portraying Tommy in many different arrays of color and when THS spoke to him at New York Comic-Con we talked about if it would be possible to pass the torch as the face of the franchise.

Frank would love others past cast members to capture the popularity that Tommy did because it helps the franchise and the fanbase, but understandably, he feels that it may be a challenge with the way the current seasons are lined up. Here’s what Jason David Frank had to say:

THS: Tommy is the most iconic power ranger that’s not a question it’s a thing. Out of the young guys, you worked with in the past, and you met a lot of them now through conventions and appearing on shows in previous incarnations, who do you think would not necessarily fill the role of Tommy but kinda be like ok light passing the torch kind of a character?

JDF: You know, I’m a bit confused on that because I would actually have to pick someone but the problem is they change the cast every year so it’s so hard to say you are gonna carry the long tradition of these guys are carrying. We would do season after season it was a soap opera when things were great. Power Rangers is still great but they do 40 episodes now they split it into 2 years now it’s this, then super, and its split in 2 years, so it’s kinda hard to get used to people because they keep changing. And plus, I have so much history into the Power Rangers franchise for the last 25 years. It’s kinda like who would replace Captain Kirk? There are so many different ones. It’s kinda like its hard to pick that. I talk to Shatner sometimes and he is still Captain kirk. I mean he is Shatner but I’m just saying, in general, it’s hard to see a replacement.

THS: I mean not necessarily a replacement

JDF: I understand to see someone to say hey ” You are now the leader.” The problem is they are changing every year so this cast comes in. They are constantly changing, so it’s hard to get that security.  

We’ve seen some character capture immense popularity in a short amount of time on their seasons like Dillion (played by Dan Ewing), from Power Rangers RPM, and Sudarso Brothers, Yoshi, who played Koda on Power Rangers Dino Charge and Peter, who portrays Preston on Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and concurrently Marv, in Power Rangers HyperForce, respectively. But JDF makes some great points. With the current way that Saban has set up Power Rangers with constant cast changes and each new season not really acknowledging its predecessor, it becomes very difficult to build those types of characters. At the very least we at least get the past season passing the torches down to the new season with team-ups again?

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